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Are you looking for the perfect property to buy in Crete? We can help you find the best home. We have a range of properties for sale in Crete.  Contact us to help you find the right home for you.

Construction/ Renovation

We undertake the construction or renovation of your home. We offer all the services required in order to cover any manufacturing specificity requested but also to fulfill your needs and wishes to the maximum. We always offer guaranteed quality Materials and Services and with the most competitive, economical proposal.

Real Estate Services 

The company Spotus undertakes to find you the property of your dreams or your business space and even to sell your property to a large network from Greece and abroad. 

Civil Engineering Services

The Spotus company has a well-equipped and specialized team of engineers who can carry out with consistency and professionalism

Legal Services 

The legal department of our office collaborates and provides legal representation services before any judicial or administrative Authority, as well as consulting and opinion formulation services, regarding issues affecting the real estate sector.            

Property Management 

Trust your residence and enjoy a long working relationship. We work with all major booking sites. We will save you time and give you reservations! We rent your property for Short or Long term leases.

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